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Childhood Christmases

December 17, 2014

It probably sounds odd and strange when I say that Christmas for me had little to do with Santa Clause. Honestly I don't know what my parents believed about Santa Clause or whether they 'played' Santa for my three older brothers or not. All I know is that they were totally unconnected to doing the Santa Clause thing when I came along. I think I remember them doing the part about him coming in the night and leaving a present, but it was not a matter of excitement to them or me, and neither was it used to get me to behave. Perhaps they had done thes...

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Patsy Hatfield Lawson

Program Offerings

I offer three different programs each of which are designed to address different needs for my clients.  All three are adaptable to the requests of my clients and each one is listed according to the issues they address. I frequently perform for companies, corporate events, civic groups, non-profit events, and assisted living facilities

Keynote Speeches

Change According to Mama and Aunt Ruby This keynote looks at the necessity of change thorough out the life span.  Its focus in on Mama's and Aunt Ruby's adaptation, or lack thereof, to changes they experienced.  It is filled with humor, images of rural Appalachian life, stories and tender moments.  The primary idea is focused on how life, work, relationship changes, children, technology, health, and catastrophic events force us to change ourselves to accommodate these changes.  We either grow from them or succumb to being left behind. The length of the address depends on my clients needs.  The time range is typically 20-45 minutes. Appropriate audience age ranges from adolescence to late adults. My fee depends on travel requirements and profit vs. non-profit status of the client.

Becoming Kind, Smart and Important  This keynote explores my journey to becoming comfortable with my own identity. I focus on my experiences of Appalachian life, my growth with a larger world of college, and my tenure as a member of a college faculty. The primary idea here is that each person makes this journey through the experiences they encounter as a child, young adult, and middle aged adult.  Hopefully the total of our experiences bring us to honor this journey and to realize how we found the virtues of kindness, smartness and a sense of our worth and value. This presentation is appropriate for adolescence through late adulthood. The time range of this keynote is 20-40 minutes.  Fee depends on travel requirements and profit vs. non-profit status of the client.

Where Are You From and Why Does it Matter-This keynold te explores the role of our 'roots' and how these impact how we see the world and interact within it.  The images are vivid and readily take the audience back to their roots.  Through the use of story, Patsy carefully makes the connection between past events, people, and memories to the important events that shape all of our lives.

Storytelling Programs with Music

I have two basic storytelling programs. The difference between them is with or without music. For the ones with music I am delighted to have the  musical skills of Mark Barnette, a renound Nashvile fiddler and banjo player. In keeping with my mountain roots and the story themes we are able t to offer three storytelling-music programs each based on a seasonal theme.  We rotate between a music piece and a story piece.  New programs are always being created and we are equipped to create new ones that focus on your event theme or your special program needs.

Lesson's Learned in Love - A 45 minute Valentine theme program focusing on my journey from puppy love to a lasting relationship richly presented with music and intricate storytelling.  Audiences laugh, cry and find themselves identifying with the struggles to understand what love is all about. Fee $200

Appalachian Christmas  A 30-45 minute program focused on the way the Hatfields' celebrated Christmas in East Tennessee.  This program can also incorporate an authentic Appalachian meal including Mama's celebrated Apple Stack Cake.  The program rotates between stories and Appalachian music.  Program only $200. Program with meal depends on size of audience, location and number of people.

Easter in the Mountains  Spring in East Tennessee always brought joy and a focus on renewal, thus, this program which celebrates birth and life rotates between two stories and musical interludes. Program only $200; program with meal depends on size of audience, location, and number of people.

Mountain Feuds:  When did they occur, why, and Patsy's connection to both the Hatfield-McCoy and the Greene-Jones feuds.

Storytelling without Music

Storytelling without Music Storytelling only programs for 15-45 minutes. Depending on the needs of my clients, I adapt the stories to the time frame I am given. I also perform with my husband in a joint tandem telling or rotating story basis. Price range depends on distance traveled and time I or we perform. Always these programs are adaptable to requests and seasonal themes.

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