Herman Lawson


I find a variety of folks enjoy my Appalachian stories and my stories from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  My storytelling wife, Patsy, and I do tandem programs as well, with and without music.  Here is a list of some of my stories:

  • Lessons Learned in Love - This is a tandem story by Patsy and me.  It is the story of our individual romances and the story of our coming together.  It fits Valentine's Day, wedding months, and any time of the year. Everyone can identify with it, connecting their own story of love to it.   It has been well received at several senior care facilities.  This program can be done with or without music.
  • Baseball - This is a touching sports story about fathers and sons. It is a great story for Father's Day.

  • Florida Vacation - The story of how a chubby, hamburger-loving ten-year old fights for survival against his nemesis, big Aunt Edna, on a rare vacation trip.

  • My Year of Coaching College Basketball - Full of humor and 60's reminiscing, a chaotic experience becomes meaningful in a time and place of social and cultural change.  Racial Unity and Social justice are big themes.

  • Andrew and his Singing Dog - Colorful characters and poignant situations in an Appalachian/Detroit setting.  How personal resources can help us overcome.

  • Mother to the Rescue - An unlikely Appalachian mother in an unforgettable rescue.  A great story for Mother's Day.

  • War on Knoll Lane - What will a grown-up country boy do when attacked by squirrels in the city?

  • Good Luck - Will a streak of good luck have fortunate or unfortunate consequences?

  • Traveling Soccer - The trials and tribulations of parents with a son playing Traveling Soccer.

  • Betsy and Grandpa Elmer - How a grandpa's love and a pony change a young boy's life.  Great for Father's Day and Grandparents' Day.

  • Christmas In The Big City - A Country boy experiences Christmas in the city with a colorful set of relatives.
  • I can tell one story of 15-20 minutes for a fee of $25 or a 45 minute program of stories for $50. 


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